I'm Back!

So. It's been a year. Well, eleven months. A lot has happened in that year, I got pregnant, birthed a son, started another blog. There was a lot I couldn't write about simply because it took us months to tell everyone (I was five months pregnant by the time we announced it on the internet), and then everything was too real to post. All my feelings were a bit too raw. Plus we were super busy, ya know, preparing for a baby.

I did write, don't get me wrong. I wrote. I just chose not to share it, because sharing requires editing and reliving that emotional state over and over and over again. And I was living it, and I was tired, and I was carrying a giant (okay, tiny) human inside of me all. the. time. 

Now, baby in arms (literally) I'm going back through everything I wrote. I'm tossing out the shit, and bringing you the very best of being pregnant. It might still be shit, but I like it, and I like reliving it. So come on this journey with me. It may be ten posts, it may just be this one. But rest assured there will be more to come. 

I've missed you. I'm Back.