These are my politics:

In the beginning there was chaos and disorder. We had what we could grow or make and when others took, all we could do was defend ourselves. We built walls, ramparts, weapons, and armies -- it was sort of like growing up. 

This was the birthplace of cities, empires, nations even; a group of people joining together, pooling their money to pay for protection and peace. 

But now we're in this world of razor wire and security cameras, tiny walled nations inside a much larger one. We are split by have and have not, need and need for nothing, tempation and more temptations. We have built prisons and jails, armies stronger than the rest of them. And for pennies per person, we have education, and insurance, and streetlamps, and roads, and help when we fall down. 

I don't think we realize that we're not alone anymore, no matter how many security gates we have. We're many. Brothers and sisters who all rely on the same system to protect us, to keep the water running and the lights on. What happens to one of us happens to all of us, even if you don't read the news. 

But we all still want. And who could blame us? We want progress and change and a better country and something to give to our kids. All the time we want and want, we pray to our gods for a better life. And we look at this election and we can't help but hope. We hope that one person will be the change in our lives that we need.

Will my people have a better life under Clinton or Trump? My people? My kin? My me? Me? Me? 

The reality is, one person can't make you more money or keep you safe from crime, or heal you when you're sick, or pull you out of poverty, or even push you into poverty. There are way too many checks and balances for that. But what they can do is set an example for how we ought to treat eachother, because how we treat one another can change everything. 

That is what really bothers me about this process, the vile and negative attacks coming from every side. Actions and reactions from both sides are fostering overwhelming misunderstandings, fear mongering, and hate. 

We are good people who should care about one another, not because we are forced to, but because we want to. Because we know that caring about one another will make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Because we remember what our mothers said "Be nice to everyone," and we remember what our fathers said "play hard and play fair," and we remember what our teachers said "knowlege is power," and we remember what our government said "we're all in this together."

And we are, all of us, in this together, republican, democrat, rich, poor, black, white or brown, we all want love and opportunity, health and a free good life. There is no difference between you and them, whoever your "them" is. 

Fight hate with love, call it empathy, call it kindness, call it donating, call it letting someone in rather than cutting them off, call it just-not-responding on twitter, call it simple acts of random and daily kindness, call it whatever you want, but it works. Hate begets hate, but love puts a stop to that cycle. Love begins with all of us, and it is outragiously contagious.

We are three hundred and nineteen million people. It is not their (our elected few's) responsibility to change the world. It is ours.

If you choose to live here with the rest of us, if you choose to enjoy the streetsigns, paved roads, clean beaches, national parks and protection that we all share, then you have to be kind. You just have to. There’s no other way.